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This image shows: Kibo logo on the left side and 2nd year anniversary text on the right side with images of celebration
Celebrating 2 years of content-inclusion with Kibo

I am writing this account to reflect upon our journey together over the last two years, where we at Trestle Labs have been trying to make Kibo app better and useful for you every single day. Read on to get a glimpse inside the building of Kibo App and where it stands today.

Kibo app started as a platform to provide digital books in an accessible form to our visually-impaired friends in 2017. Our team at Trestle Labs used to manually scan and digitize the entire course content and make it available in accessible format through the app.

Image showing: Kibo Prime+ logo

This is a follow up to my last article where we introduced Kibo Basic plan — completely free, completely offline. In case if you missed that, click here to read the full story — Link to Kibo Basic article

Today, I want to tell you about our all new Kibo Prime+ plan which makes your Kibo App experience faster, better and more accurate.

Introducing Kibo Prime+ Plan

Kibo Prime+ offers an enhanced layer of content accessibility (on top of Kibo Basic plan) which enables regular users to derive more from Kibo App.

Kibo Prime+ Plan benefits include:

Unlimited Kibo Credits — To enable users to use all the Prime+…

Kibo Basic logo

This is a follow-up to my last article where we reflected upon our journey over the last two years with Kibo App and how we have progressed in our journey since 2017. You can read the story by clicking here — 2 Years of Kibo

In this post, I wanted to share how all of us at Trestle Labs are inching closer to our mission-

Introducing Kibo Basic Plan

Kibo Basic Plan is free, and will always be!


All Kibo Basic Plan features are…


Inclusion ambassador; On a mission to empower the visually-impaired community towards inclusive education and employment through universal content accessibility

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